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Mobile Application Development

The development of mobile applications is the entire process of creating all the projects, resources and code necessary to apply software, software that runs on a mobile device and all the assistance services that are accessed by the mobile application using a community connection and impromptu computing resources.

Mobile Application and Device Platforms

Currently, there are two dominant platforms in the modern smartphone market. One is Apple Inc.’s iOS platform. The iOS platform is the running device that powers Apple’s popular iPhone smartphone line. The 2nd is Android from Google. The Android operating system is used not only using devices designed by Google, but is also used by many different OEMs for their smartphones and other types of devices.

There are a number of differences and similarities between these two platforms. Both of these systems have many thousands of millions of gadgets that use the operating system. While Apple fully uses iOS for its personal devices, Google makes Android reachable to other companies provided that meet positive needs such as, along with certain Google purposes, on the gadgets they send.

Types of Mobile Applications

While there are many different ways to develop applications to run on mobile devices, there are four main categories of mobile applications development approaches:

  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid-Native Applications
  • Hybrid-Web Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications

Each of these approaches to developing mobile applications has it’s own set of advantages, disadvantages, and concerns.

Native Applications

Native mobile applications are written in the programming language and frameworks provided by the platform owner and running directly on the operating system of the device such as iOS and Android.

Hybrid-Native Applications

Hybrid-native mobile applications can be written in variety of different programming languages and frameworks but are compiled into a native application running directly on the operating system of the device.

Hybrid-Web Applications

Hybrid-web mobile applications can be written using a variety of programming languages and frameworks and run within a web container on the device.

Web Applications

Web applications are written using traditional web application programming technologies usually including some variant of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS, and are accessed initially through a browser on the device or computer.

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